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How does veterinary discussion app and website will help Veterinary professionals?

Specialty Veterinarians can participate and help their referral network grow. Whenever a veterinarian posts a question in a specialty folder all subscribed veterinarians and specialists within a defined radius will be notified.Local veterinary specialist and general practitioners, students and veterinary technicians collaborate to solve difficult cases and educate each other.

Who can see questions I posted?

If you are a Veterinarian you can choose your audience based on your comfort and goal. You can choose public or Veterinarians only or Veterinarians, students and technicians or public as audience.

If you are a Veterinary technician or student you can post a question or share with all technicians and students or public or both. Veterinarians who choose feeds from your folder will get notification and answer your questions.

Pet owner can share information or ask a question in public folder. Interested Veterinarians, techs, students or pet owners will respond to your questions.

How soon my questions will be answered?

There is no time frame how quick you get a reply. It all depends on your fellow website users, and or colleagues.

Does www.veterinarydiscussion.com and veterinary discussion app intend to cut short veterinary office visits?

No. This website and app will play a communication and educational role only. No diagnosis or treatment will be offered to any pet owner. If you see any member doing this please notify us by flagging the post.

Use our search nearby veterinarian tab to locate local veterinarian for thorough physical exam for your pet.

How much does veterinary discussion app and website membership cost?

Veterinary discussion app and website a free service download on the App Store or sign up here for free on our website.

Where is veterinary discussion app and website available?

Veterinary discussion app and website available throughout the globe.

What about privacy requirements? How does veterinary discussion app and website protect privacy?

See our detailed privacy policy and website user agreement

I do not want to post anything. Can I still see the discussion?

Absolutely. You can still view the images that others are posting so that you can learn from them, use them as a reference for your own practice, or comment on them so that others can learn from you.

If I upload an image to Veterinarydiscussion app or www.veterinarydiscussion.com website, how is it used?

When you upload an image to veterinarydiscussion app or website, it can be viewed and commented on by all eligible members depending on the audience you choose. Images that you upload may be selected for use outside of veterinarydiscussion app or website  in two cases. If your image is selected and will be highlighted elsewhere on the Internet in order to spread the word about veterinarydiscussion app or website. Your image could also be shared with resources like medical journals and other educational sites.

How do you verify user’s credentials?

All the veterinarians are verified by checking their application info. with government websites. Veterinary students, Technicians need to give names of two veterinarians to verify their credentials.